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School Problems? Making Your Child A Genius!3 min read

This article was originally published by Nicholeen Peck on Teaching Self-Government.

Many parents wonder what to do about problems at school. Sometimes the best behavior therapy for classroom behaviorshappens at home. The video interview below discusses what parents can do about school related behavior problems.

Other parents want to know how to prepare their children for educational success. No matter what way you choose to educate children at your house, you will gain a lot from hearing this conversation between veteran teacher and college professor, Nicholas Pond, and homeschool mother, Nicholeen Peck, about school problems and creating the environment for educational success.

In this conversation these two educators discuss what makes a great education, how to make your home the right educational environment, and what educational activities you can do this summer to help your children start school right in the fall. Summer activities can be the inspiration your child needs to fall in love with learning again.

For example, just yesterday my ten year old daughter, and eight year old son did a wonderful summer activity which was packed with learning and will be a memory for a lifetime. Porter and Londyn were out picking our apricots early in the morning when they started to dream about selling the apricots and cooking with the apricots.

Soon they had planned to create a restaurant called “Peck’s Place.” They called their Grandparents and said, “Grandpa, Porter and I are taking you out to dinner at a new restaurant in town. Can you be at our house at 7:00 tonight?”

Grandpa said he and Grandma would be over at the appointed time. Next, they called Dad and said, “Dad, we have made reservations for all of us to eat at a fancy restaurant at 7:00 tonight. Can you be home from work by then?”

Dad said he could. For the rest of the afternoon, Porter and Londyn pick peas and lettuce from the garden and cooked a fantastic meal. They got out the candle sticks, lace table cloth, and made home made menus and restaurant signs. They picked out the “perfect” music to be in the background. My favorite kid conversations I heard in the process sounded like this:

“Porter we have to have music without words, or it won’t be fancy enough for our restaurant. Beethoven should be good.”

“Mom, I made place cards for everyone, and I even put flourishes on them. Hearts for girls and smiley faces for boys.”

“Mom, how do all the forks go around the plate again?”

“Eew! We have to put napkins on their laps. That will be weird.” said Porter. “But, we have to. This is a fancy place.” Londyn replied.

All the adults like the five star, candle light dining experience so much that they left tips on the table. Londyn and Porter looked like they’d just won the lottery or something. What a wonderful day of gardening, cooking, art, etiquette, business management.

Watch this video and get more ideas about how to encourage your children to love learning.

Nicholas Pond is the author of Educational Success: Guide to Your Child’s Education, a must read for today’s busy families! This book can be applied even if your first baby isn’t born yet. Mr. Pond goes through all the stages of education and what parents should teach during each phase for the growing scholar to have the greatest educational experience.

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