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How To Homeschool with Nicholeen Peck1 min read

This article was originally published by Nicholeen Peck on Teaching Self-Government.

Ever since the BBC show came out and people recognized that I homeschool my children, I have been flooded with requests to talk about what I do at my home, and how to homeschool.

I have made some audio shorts in the past talking about some of the things I do to homeschool my children, but this video is the best instruction on homeschooling I have done so far!

A friend of mine, who was thinking about homeschooling her daughter scheduled some time with me to talk about how I do it. I asked her if we could record it for others so that I don’t have to have these conversations all the time, and she consented.

So, here I am with my friend Canadace Simpson, owner of , talking about:

1. What makes a good homeschool
2. How I teach my children to read
3. Some of my favorite books to read to children
4. Unit study ideas
5. The homeschool philosophies I follow
6. And how to set up the school day
7. As well as lots of other great stuff!

I hope you enjoy!!!

Your Friend,

Nicholeen Peck

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